After a little playing about I finally fixed the bug on the right leg that made it ‘pop’ a little on the cycle. It was as simple as one of the controlls not matching positions at the start and end of the cycle…the difficulty was finding out which controll it was (foot).

I also managed to resolve my other problem of the character walking through objects. I did this by adding the character motions to the armature instead of the character mesh….even though this previously didn’t work, so the real resolution will forever remain a mystery. 1.jpg

Next I decided to edit the walk cycle to make it look more like running as this would be more appropriate for the game. For the legs and feet this was relatively easy as all I needed to do was bring the foot control up higher as it steps forward and a tiny bit higher in every position where the foot is not on the ground.
The arms and hands were the challenge. Instead of casually swinning it’s arms I wanted them tucked in and swinging with more control. The hands needed to be curled into a lose fist at every position. I did this by doing it once and then duplicating.


Finally I realised that the character was running very slowly. Instead of moving each position closer together, I simply changed the animation frame rate by doubling it.


Now the character is ready for the game (apart from clothes). I will need to add a further position with the arms though I expect as the character will need to be holding a weapon.