Most of my work this week hasn’t got anything to show for itself as fixing bugs is hard to document.
The overall model of the spacestation is just about finished and I shall document it properly when it is all coloured in and greeblies are added.

Lastly, after having a 1-2-1 with Adam on the 28th of April, he advised me on how I might go about doing my animated cutscene. Before this point I imagined that I would do some sort of 3D narative using the rigs I already have. Adam suggested that I simply sketch a story-board so even if I don’t have time, I will have something to show at the beginning of the game.
I really liked this idea and a full storyboard has been drafted, I plan to edit them in photoshop the same way I did a lot of my concept art before.
In addition to this, I realised that a great way to illustrate the cutscene would be not to animate it at all but instead have a comic book visulisation with perhaps some simple flash animation: blinking, eye/mouth movements and some sound effects. This could tie in very well with the 70’s comic style.